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Lady Intimate Wipes

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Lady Intimate Wipes

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Our Lady Intimate hygiene wipes are made for those practical sophisticated women who want to keep clean and fresh at any time and place. Specially developed and formulated for female hygiene their extremely smooth substances are soft but resistant to provide a fresh and secure cleanse. They contain lactic acid, a naturally present substance, to maintain the physiological stability as well as a moisturizing action that keeps the pH balanced.  Convenient during menstrual periods, or whenever you want a feeling of freshness, the wipes are unscented and contain no alcohol so they are ideal for intimate hygiene.  Dermatologically and gynecologically tested.
Box with 04 Displays of 12 units
UPC12 - 856578200065
UPC14 - 18565780200068
UPC12 (Dozen) – 856578210064

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